Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day with eBilling

Enrolling in eBilling is a great way to reduce consumption of natural resources!

Here are some quick facts:

As of 4/6/09, there are 33,906 accounts enrolled in eBilling (about 8% of eligible MLGW accounts). 95% of these accounts are residential.

eBilling customers receive an email when their bill is available for viewing online through MLGW's My Account web service. They do not receive a printed bill in the mail, which reduces natural resources including paper (significant) and gasoline (minor, given that the USPS is driving routes anyway).

In one year's time, these participants eliminate the use of an estimated 1,220,616 sheets of 8.5 x 11" paper (averaging three sheets per bill when inserts are included) plus 813,744 envelopes (one each, outgoing and return).

We've estimated MLGW's hard costs for bill production and mailing at $5.40 per account per year, so our annual savings is at least $183,000.

Customers who enroll in eBilling have the added option of paying electronically from a bank account with no added fee. About 2/3rd of eBilling participants use this option.

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