Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trade-A-Tree Program

While you are in your yard, getting started on your garden, and planting trees take a look at your existing trees in relation to your power lines.

With your written consent, MLGW's contracted tree trimming crews will remove a tree that is diseased or dead and that MLGW feels is hazardous to a nearby power line. However, the tree must interfere with a line running from pole to pole, not the service wire leading from the pole to your home.

To avoid planting another tree that might eventually cause the same type of problems, many customers turn to our popular Trade-A-Tree program for a replacement.

Through our Trade-A-Tree program, MLGW replaces the removed tree with one of six low-height varieties absolutely free. We offer customers their choice of a Bradford Pear or Crape Myrtle, or shrubbery such as a Foster Holly, Photina, Weeping Privet or Japanese Maple.

Remember, by planting trees away from power lines or by planting ornamental trees or shrubbery, you'll ensure safe, natural growth and eliminate the need for extensive trimming. Even the most properly planted or carefully groomed tree may require trimming over the years to make certain that new growth doesn't interfere with overhead power lines.

To learn more about MLGW's Trade-A-Tree program, or for guidance on how to safely plant near power lines, please call our Customer Care Center at 544-MLGW (6549) or visit our website.

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