Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Taste of Hollywood

A camera crew outside of the administration building caught our attention Monday afternoon. A little snooping revealed that Gordman's, an Omaha-based apparel and home fashions retailer, was shooting a commercial for its "On The Road" advertising campaign. The year-long campaign will introduce Gordmans customers to a variety of communities in the 15 states where the company operates stores.

As the first Gordman's market to be featured, Memphis attractions and sites will serve as a backdrop for fashion and home merchandise appearing in both printed and TV advertisements. (Gordmans sought out local models and production crew through area talent agencies and other resources.)

If you are now wondering why Gordman's would choose an MLGW building as a backdrop, it is because I failed to mention that our offices are located directly across from the historic and beautiful Orpheum Theater.

The printed advertising insert will appear on Sunday, March 16 in newspapers throughout the 15 states where Gordmans stores are located. The television commercial will air during the first three weeks in March.

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