Monday, February 11, 2008

Power On, Relief Center Open


Significant repairs to substation 71 on Friday allowed MLGW to energize the facility and return power to residents and businesses in Hickory Hill.

Customers still without power may have damage to their weatherheads. The weatherhead is usually located above the roofline or attached to the gable or side of the house where the customer’s wiring connects to MLGW’s electric lines. The weatherhead is the homeowner’s property and therefore, is not maintained by MLGW. If it is damaged, a customer must have it repaired by a licensed electrician and inspected by Code Enforcement before MLGW can restore power.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency opened a disaster relief center at 7 a.m. today at the Hickory Hill Community Center, 3910 Ridgeway.

FEMA officials are asking victims of Tuesday's tornadoes to register online or by phone before visiting the center.

To register, call 1-800-621-3362 or visit

Also, representatives from the Red Cross and the Salvation Army will be at the center today to offer aid.

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