Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Damage Report

Substation 71 in the Hickory Hill area was de-energized last night due to damage from debris. Nearby warehouses were completely destroyed and the fence of the substation had collected cars, trees and roofing materials.

Downed power transmission towers just south of the airport/north of Stateline Road are unable to bring power into the station.

Substation 71 is at least 5-7 days from being re-energized, and even then the distribution will not be completed. It could be three weeks before that area is restored.

The reason for the long restoration time is that much of our electric system has been completely wiped out and must be completely rebuilt. This is different from the wind storm of 2003 because in that case, we had fairly significant damage over a wide area. In this case, we have complete devastation, but in a smaller area.

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