Tuesday, March 6, 2018

PrePay Service, the new “pay as you go” payment option

How would you like to open an MLGW account without paying a deposit and know that you would avoid all future late fees? This money-saving “pay as you go” plan is a new opportunity for residential MLGW customers with smart meters. MLGW customers with smart meters now have the option of paying for utilities whenever they want, as often as they want—with no deposit, no late fees and no electric reconnect fees. MLGW’s new PrePay service gives you more control, convenience and cost savings than traditional billing. MLGW PrePay is a plan similar to a prepaid cellphone or to filling up your gas tank—you pay upfront and, as you consume, your remaining balance decreases.

You can “refuel” by adding money to your MLGW PrePay account any time you choose. The www.MyUsage.com website and mobile app give you access to your daily PrePay account information, plus you select the best methods to notify you of remaining balance, daily usage and other details. If you have a balance due on your existing MLGW account, it can be rolled into your new PrePay account. You’ll pay 25% of the outstanding balance when you enroll in PrePay, and then 25% of each future pre-payment is applied through debt recovery until you’ve paid off the balance.

This approach gives you more flexibility than traditional payment arrangements. PrePay may be a good option if you want to: Avoid paying deposits, late fees and electric reconnect charges Set your own payment schedule by paying smaller amounts toward your utilities, whenever you want Lower your utility expense through greater attention to usage with alerts, website and mobile app Whittle down your past due balance over a longer period PrePay customers must start their account with a $100 initial payment. (If it is a new service connection, there is a charge of $25.21 for account setup.)

For existing accounts where an MLGW deposit exists, it will be applied to your PrePay account during setup. As costs for daily utility use and other MLGW-billed services reduce that amount, notifications are sent using customer-specified channels to provide your remaining balance. When the balance approaches $35, a low balance alert is sent to remind you to add money to your PrePay account soon. As long as you keep your balance above $0, your services continue. The average prepaid utility customer reduces their utility use by 10% to 12%, since greater awareness typically leads to conservation, according to industry studies. That’s money you can spend on other things, all while receiving service from MLGW. To enroll in MLGW PrePay, visit any MLGW Community Office and speak to a Credit Counselor to sign the PrePay Service Agreement.

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