Tuesday, October 15, 2013

eScore for Your Home

MLGW and TVA are pleased to announce eScore, a home energy improvement program that provides homeowners with a simple way to make their homes as energy efficient as possible.

Through instant rebates on eligible improvement projects performed by members of the Quality Contractor Network (QCN), eScore allows homeowners to work toward a score of 10 at their own pace, re-engaging with the program as many times as needed over time to achieve their home’s best possible energy performance.

“TVA is delighted to work in partnership with MLGW to bring this exciting new pilot program to the Memphis area,” says Frank Rapley, General Manager, TVA Energy Efficiency Program Design. “Our goal is to make it easier than ever for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes – and save money on their energy bills.”

“eScore is a great program and it is beneficial to anyone who owns a home because it lets you know how your home uses energy, says Tom Chamberlain, Strategic Marketing Coordinator for MLGW. “eScore allows all MLGW customers a new way to reduce their utility bills with instant rebates and expert advice along the way. We are excited about offering this new program to our residential customers.”

There are two paths for customers to access the eScore program. Customers can elect to register online at www.2escore.com, select a contractor from the QCN list, and begin choosing the energy efficiency improvements they desire such as attic insulation, duct or air sealing or window replacement. Or if a customer does not know where to start, they can call 1-855-237-2673 to get registered and schedule an energy evaluation of their home for a $75 fee. After the evaluation, they can then select a contractor from the QCN list and make those recommended improvements.

For more detailed information on eScore, please visit www.2escore.com.

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