Monday, September 9, 2013

My eScore

When asked to guess my eScore, I thought I'd shoot low. I mean I know my house isn't super efficient, but it couldn't be that bad. My guess? Six. My score? Four! FOUR! I was a little let down. Luckily, I now have lots of ideas on how to improve my score to a ten.

eScore is a new program we are offering in conjunction with TVA. I opted to have a technician visit my home and evaluate it prior to having any repairs or upgrades made.


Blake explained that he'd be looking at each room in my house, my attic, the crawlspace and all around the exterior. This was going to be a very thorough inspection! (Please note that he has special booties to cover his shoes so that he doesn't track any dirt in the house. Nice, huh?)

Also, if there is a room you don't want looked at, he is cool with that.

We actually started outside.


He noted that my windows were pretty nice--double paned and fairly efficient. Yay!


Unfortunately that's where the praised stopped.

I need to clean my air conditioner. It's about six years old, and Blake said if I want it to last for another 4-9 years I need to take better care of it by replacing the filter monthly and having regular tune ups.

Next he looked under the house and was alarmed by some dangling duct work. Thankfully it was non-operational--a remnant of the original duct work. (The duct work was redone prior to my buying the house. Pshew!)


Spoiler alert--once he went up in the attic, he found lots of things wrong with the new duct work! And the lack of insulation...uh oh.

Speaking of the attic, you can see that I don't exactly have an airtight seal around the opening. That is causing a lot of unneccessary air infiltration.


Blake also noted that spider webs are a telltale sign of air infiltration. We have tons of spider webs. Time to caulk and seal!

Next he checked all of the appliances for the Energy Star rating. (He also asked if he could have a snack. Just kidding.)


Before he left, he installed a dozen CFLs, a low flow shower head and two faucet aerators all for free. Parting gifts, I guess! Then within an hour or so, I received a very thorough report via email.

Check it out:

You can sign up for your own eScore evaluation either before or after doing repairs. Check the eScore websitefor more information!

Also stay tuned for the next installment of Memphis Energized where Blake will tell you firsthand about the eScore program!

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